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A Quick Thought To Hold You Over Until the Next “Year of Apathy” Post…


> Friends, I’m over here at Randy Watson’s pad, watching the Saints game with the CDO, the Continental, Randy and some other folks. Drew Brees is having another one of his games. You… Continue reading

There is no “I” in team. “Oh yeah? Well there ain’t no ‘we’ either.”


Tyler, I don’t need you to do like Magic in the ’79 NBA Finals. I don’t need you to put up 82. I’m not asking you for your Willis Reed moment. Give me the ’91 Lakers. I’d… Continue reading

Turn on the idiot box NOOOOWWWW!


Friends, My good friend, Tyler, is anti-television. His stance toward programming that doesn’t fall into one of the following categories is quite negative and rigid: Documentaries Indie Cinema The News Skateboarding (videos only,… Continue reading

Breaking News: Mike Apathy Hits Free Agency!!!


Friends, Let me tell you, Folks…I’ve been waiting a LONG time to get out of this contract that I signed back when I was 8, or 9, or 10, or so… Yes, Friends…I’ve… Continue reading

Follow Up: Jared Weaver’s Contract Extension


Friends, I’m just going to drop a quick link here. There’s not much that can be said for this, so I’ll post a quote from the below article. A reporter asked him about… Continue reading

Monday Morning Link: Angels Give Jared Weaver His Contract Extension


Friends,   I pull into work this morning, settle into my desk and prepare to turn on my computer. A coworker of mine, whom I often talk sports with, and I started some… Continue reading

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