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What the Decendents referred to as ALL


Buttholes, Religion is bullshit. You know it, I know it, I’m not going to waste any of your time deconstructing the obvious reasons that support my opening statement. See, proof that I hold… Continue reading

Turn on the idiot box NOOOOWWWW!


Friends, My good friend, Tyler, is anti-television. His stance toward programming that doesn’t fall into one of the following categories is quite negative and rigid: Documentaries Indie Cinema The News Skateboarding (videos only,… Continue reading

The Lost Boys Part 2: The Running Diary w/ Stizzle


Friends, It finally happened. We finally did it. Stizzle and I actually sat down together over the weekend, at his place, and watched The Lost Boys. See folks, I do follow through on promises…like… Continue reading

The absolute LOWEST common denominator…


Friends, On my way to work every morning, I’m faced with a very difficult decision. The little devil sitting on my left shoulder tells me to roll down my window, honk my horn,… Continue reading

30’s the New 20


Friends, Today’s Friday and I realize that I haven’t posted in a little while. I’m feeling about as motivated as…well…not motivated enough to put thought into coming up with a snappy analogy, it… Continue reading

The Decline of Western Civilization: Bro Culture


Friends, Assuming most of you haven’t spent the last decade under boulders in desert highlands, bordering two or more Middle Eastern nations, I’ll wager that you’re all quite familiar with our current sociopolitical… Continue reading

A letter to Tyler:


                    Friends, Wow…so much has happened since my last post. Apparently Tyler thought it amusing to share the “Upper Decker” story. As I read… Continue reading

Google Search: “Picture of what?!?!?!”


Dear Hamstring, So, today I was happy to learn that some person, most likely a man, stumbled across our site after searching Google for “picture of the best tight ever vagina”. I’m going… Continue reading

Steven Hawking is a fucking amateur.


Friends, As many of my close friends and family would tell you, I obsess over the idea of time travel. This is obviously nothing new in our fairly short history as evolved and… Continue reading

Update: The Lost Boys Article “Part 2”


Friends, Stizzle and I will be sitting down this weekend to watch The Lost Boys. As promised, I will be keeping a running diary of his reactions to the movie while it plays… Continue reading

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