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Gay Sex!


Friends, Did that headline catch your attention? Personally I’m wondering how many perverts are going to type “Gay Sex” into Google today and get really bummed out when they’re directed to the Hamstring.… Continue reading

Friday Morning Music Post


 Friends, I’m feeling inspired by our friend girlinturrupted88 over @ Feel Good Playlists. I’ve decided to try something new on a weekly basis where I lay out a playlist, or a band that’s… Continue reading

Wednesday Morning Link


Friends, This story might be one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Who wants to get on a plane with me, fly to Russia and try to rob a hair salon (the… Continue reading

Monday Morning Link


Friends, I’m an avid reader. I’ll read anything, anywhere, anytime, etc… I’m a huge fan of Chuck Klosterman, who’s in my opinion one of the best pop-culture/sports writers out there today. This link… Continue reading

Dear Mike


Dear Mike, What the fuck, dude? Didn’t we agree on this whole thing being anonymous? Since the induction (I may or may not be using this word correctly) of this site Mike has… Continue reading

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