Dear Mike


Dear Mike, What the fuck, dude? Didn’t we agree on this whole thing being anonymous? Since the induction (I may or may not be using this word correctly) of this site Mike has… Continue reading

Nintendo Wii: Tool of Satan, or best invention ever?


Friends, I swear to God, I feel old. Granted, there’s no rational way to consider myself as such, being only 32…unless you consider my liver, lungs and kidneys, or if you’re a piece-of-shit,… Continue reading

Time to go to school! CHOP CHOP! C’mon, let’s go!


Dear Hamstring, Being that today is the official launch of The Octopus Hamstring, we wanted to do something special. We were lucky enough to get the esteemed Hobson St. Berdhaus to contribute an article to… Continue reading



Ok, this sentence is being executed in order to assist me in figuring out what the fuck we’re doing here. Boom! -Tyler

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