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A Quick Thought To Hold You Over Until the Next “Year of Apathy” Post…


> Friends, I’m over here at Randy Watson’s pad, watching the Saints game with the CDO, the Continental, Randy and some other folks. Drew Brees is having another one of his games. You… Continue reading

2011: The Year of Apathy Part 2


Friends, Predictions for 2012 (I may have stolen at least one of these from other places on the internet…okay, fine…just the first one): 1. North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un bests the likes… Continue reading

Read the post I just dropped. Yeah, do it.


Yeah you heard me.

2011: The Year of Apathy Part 1


Friends, Highlights. 1. Getting sober…for good this time, no more dicking around. Everybody be sure to drop me a line (please, not a “line” of cocaine, smartass) on Thursday January 5th, which will… Continue reading

The Octopus Hamstring 2011 Year End Review


The gif above is poignant because when you clicked on the article you didn’t find shit. For reals tho’, our Best & Worst of 2011 post will be coming soon. It’ll more than… Continue reading

It’s dark and gray outside…just like my soul.


Friends, Back when I was 16 a couple buddies and I would get bums to buy us 40oz’s and then we’d go to the neighborhood park to drink, smoke cigarettes and play cards.… Continue reading

Would you rather have Pujols on your favorite team or have the ability to suck your own dick?


Friends, See that picture above? Spider-Man dry humping the sky? Remember the old days when we actually gave a damn and took care of the little details like a quirky lead pic, usually with a witty caption… Continue reading

Kid Krush & G-Wiz


Friends, In the late 90’s Mike and Tyler fancied themselves rappers. Drugs may have been involved. Actually…drugs WERE involved. Doesn’t make it any less badass though. Mike went by the moniker of G-Wiz… Continue reading

We have basketball!


Friends, Quick link for the weekend. Here’s an article that my man-crush Bill Simmons wrote on Grantland today. Happy weekend everyone, smooches… For Tyler and your 2012 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers, This… Continue reading



They better be fucking red velvet. Signing off…blah, blah, blah…

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