My Ego’s Like My Stomach…

…it keeps shitting what I feed it. I haven’t written under this name in some time. It’s comforting to me in a way knowing that The Octopus Hamstring is still here…chillin…waiting for either me or Tyler’s life to fall apart, so this site will get some new content. 

Two lives fell apart since last was written on this site, and maybe I’ll give Marilyn an opportunity to write something here this time like I did last time, if she’d want to. 

Mine is the other. Makes sense, my brand of crazy is cyclical. This is a different Mike Apathy talking to you today. I’d like to say he/she is wiser, but that wouldn’t be the whole story. I’m sober and I’m in AA. I smoke pot daily. I might be transgender. I’m heartbroken, but not hopeless…which sucks sometimes because I find comfort in throwing myself pity parties. 

What I’m getting at is that while I promise I’ll be different this time, how much could they have changed? You find me in the same place you always do; Scared. Not in control. Regretful. Cynical. 

Honesty is a real bad bitch when you’re wired like I am. Feels like I owe it myself though, you guys not so much. I’ll keep sprinkling bullshit all over the place so it doesn’t get boring. Think Tim Burton’s Big Fish ❤️

-Mike Apathy