New shoes Mike

I was thinking of making my first post about my current life but realized I should probably ease you in a little. I’m all about foreplay first so I should do the same for you. Lube you up a bit if you will. I’ll go back to the beginning. Well at least the beginning of how I met Mike…..

I was 16 and partying at some backyard in Orange where the jungle juice was flowing and the beer on tap. I still remember my short spiky blonde hair, 16 hole maroon docks, fishnets, black mini skirt and wife beater like it was yesterday. My brother’s friend approached me and said you have to meet this guy, he is you but a guy. It’s scary but you have the same personality. She grabbed my hand and dragged me across the party. Introduced me to this cute 6ft2, 18 year old boy. Before I could say anything Mike looks down at his shoes and says, “Got new shoes, wanna Fuck?” I was immediately smitten. I have heard some amazingly awful pick up lines but that was the funniest and to the point. We talked all night but never got his number because I actually had a boyfriend at the time. The very next day my dumb ass boyfriend said he wanted to see other people. Told him to kick rocks and then kicked myself for not getting the number to this guy who very well could have been perfect for me.

Fast forward a couple months and once again I’m in another backyard party with my friends. Across the yard I see Mike standing there with a smile that still melts my heart to this day. I approached him and said I don’t have a boyfriend and he responded with I still have new shoes. This night was the start of the greatest love affair of my life.

Obviously we didn’t run off into the sunset and live happily every after. This is Mike and Marilyn after all. We feel the need to fuck up and sabotage every good thing that happens to us. Well at least we use to. Working on that now. We spent the next three years after that first meeting breaking up and getting back together four times. Some of our fights were pretty hysterical, a couple are actually my favorite memories and one or two are my least favorite. The funniest was leaving a party and I refused to get in the car because Mike had an open beer in his hand, so at 2 in the morning he is slowly driving down the street keeping up with me, yelling at me to get in the car cause I don’t know where I am and can’t walk home alone that far. Being the stubborn ass that I am, I told him to fuck off and watch me. While this is going on Tyler was in the back seat trying to disappear and hold back the laughter at this comical situation. Mike finally downed the beer after a lot of bickering back and forth, threw it out the window and told me to get my ass in the fucking car. I did of course because there’s no way I’m actually going to walk anywhere especially that far. ha! Went back to his house and made up all night. We can still laugh about this fight thirteen years later. It plays in my head like a favorite movie scene.

After our final break up we spent the next 12 years running into each other, sometimes sleeping together, stalking each other on MySpace and Facebook and the occasional how are you emails. In January I sent him a message asking how he was and three days later we found ourselves meeting for coffee. Seeing him and the hug that came with it felt like coming home again. Maybe this time around we’ll finally get our happily ever after. After everything we’ve been through in our lives I think we deserve it.

Now that you know a little about our history and bit of who I am, I can get into the current shit in my life. Hope you’re ready for this fucked up Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride I want to take you on. 😉 Or maybe I’ve become boring in my old age and you’ll stop reading but I don’t give a fuck, I’ll keep writing anyway.

Yours truly,

Marilyn Apathy