A late night/early morning email to Tyler from Mike Apathy


To: Tyler@gmail.bullshit
From: Mike@aol.soundsaboutright
Time: Stop, Hammer

Dear Tyler,

I see your Mullen and perverted Steven Hawking and raise you Wang Chung, Deerfuck Chopra and more perverted Steven Tony Hawking. Your belief in free will is a crock of butter. Natural cycles fucking rule and AC/DC hasn’t put out a decent album since Permanent Vacation. I write therefore I am writing. -Play-Doh…pretty sure that’s the quote.


It’s 5:00 am and I’m still up cuz I’m scared shitless to go to sleep. I’m afraid of Ryan 2. But what the fuck do I know, I just play one on TV. New Wu album that’ll probably suck is on the way according to Masta Killa and Facebook…..that’s where I get my news your NPR can suck me.
You should post this email on the hammy. But you won’t because you’re a manifestation of my subconscious. Looks like I gotta do everything around here. Dammit. Blink 182 song.

-Bill Nye the Blrphhhhhh Mike Apathy Motteram