Why do I daydream?

So, a little after 10:30 tonight I picked up a six-pack and five dollars worth of Super Lotto tickets from Rod’s Liquor, and in doing so realized that I was a pack of cigarettes and candy bar short of my father. You see, I rarely find myself in liquor stores, I rarely drink, and I rarely play the Lotto, but something inspired me tonight. In my teen years when I was living with my father, the above mentioned items served to sustain him most nights of the week. When I was kid he would always let me pick out a candy bar, and when I was 17 I would steal cigarettes from his pack. I can relate now. I see each one of those convenient store items as so much more than a packaged product. For my father, they were a reflection of just how much he desperately needed a way out. Those items were his apathetic attempt at finding his happy place. I asked him once, what would he do if he won the Lotto, and you know what he said? He said that he’d buy an RV and spend his time traveling along the Mississippi. I remember thinking that it sounded sad, that it would be so lonely, and how even his dream put him in the same place; alone with his cigarettes and beer. But instead of sitting in front of his TV, he’d be sitting in front of a river, fishing probably.