My Mom was super into Godspeed You! Black Emperor but now she hates them.


The end section of East Hastings was a pretty gnarly letdown for her, so now she’s anti GY!BE. Suuuuuuuuuurrrrrre, Mom. You’ll totally be listening to them again in a week. Thats because I’m stacking their entire back-catalog onto your iPod Shuffle when I come over to load it up with Placido Domingo, Pavarotti, Fat Joe* and that new NOW This is What I Call Music #567 compilation with that one song you like on it by that one young man, and it goes “Laaaaaa La La Fah Shuuuuuuh/Laaaaaa La La Fah Shuuuuuuh” a million fucking times throughout.

*I’m not talking about the rapper Fat Joe btw…besides she’s mostly into Tupac right now. She says he’s way more authentic than Jigga Man and that Kanye’s production is spectacular but he should keep stay in the studio, behind the mixing boards and leave the mic open for real MC’s that have something to say like Pac, Ice-T, The Ice Cube guy, M&M’s (she loooooovvvved 8 Miles Away) and Snoop whom she’s been a fan of since Tales from the Hood came out back in the day. You should also know that she’s hard of hearing and she can’t really make out what Tupac and the like are rapping about and even saying for the most part (your head should be nodding in an affirmative** kind of way right now as if to say, “Ahhhhhhh, I see….” I’m getting off topic, pardon me…..the singer from NOFX’s name is Fat Mike and that sticks out in her mind, but she can never remember it, so she simply refers to NOFX as Fat Joe because that’s how her brain works. She’s a retired Christian elementary school teacher in her mid-60’s by the way. I thought that this was worth mentioning.


**i originally said, “Your head should be nodding in an affirmative action right now….” but thought, that’s a tight joke right there. I’m fairly certain that most of you aren’t smart enough to realize it was to work as more of a pun than anything, and not a subversive attempt at dropping my true agenda into an article about epic Post Rock bands from Canada. You people liberal shitheads ruin it for everybody.