Back From Beyond the Grave: At the Drive-In Edition

The following is an email I sent to the CDO a few weeks ago. She doesn’t give a shit about late 90’s post-hardcore.


This is one of the main bands at Coachella this year, At the Drive-In. They broke up in 2001; following the break-up, members went on to form The Mars Volta, Sparta, etc…


Either way, the album this song was on, In-Casino/Out is absolutely in my top 25 of all time. I bought the CD at least twice due to scratches. The fact that they’re playing together again literally makes me warm inside, like there might be something up above watching over us and keeping us safe from harm.


It’s easy to lose hope. It’s easy to fall victim to the thoughtless monotony of our American Idol-driven Matrix-like “reality”. Instead of computers and machines harvesting our blood and organs, it’s disposable flavor-of-the-week “art” harvesting our money…while we grin from ear to ear like a kid who had to eat all of his vegetables just so he could get dessert. Sucker.


The further down into the pit we go, the harder it is to see the light still flickering faintly so far behind us in the distance.


Sometimes it takes a “this-changes-everything” moment (death of a loved one, bankruptcy, auto accident, etc.). For some the moment might be much less dramatic; something as insignificant as a familiar place or feel, but for whatever reason it hits home harder than Thor’s Hammer, or Liam Nieson’s Kraken.


Whatever it takes, remember that it has always been there and that it always will be. The flickering light behind you is At the Drive-In.