What the fuck, how did I end up in Indiana?


There were Juggalos in full face paint walking around in Orange, outside of Alcatraz Brewing Co. Friday night. As absolutely retarded as I think they are/that scene is, I can’t help but actually respect them a little…very little. Not many people, especially here in SoCal, truly don’t give a shit what others think; an impressive thing to add to a resume when looking for a job I’m certain.

But then again, if your job is impregnating your cousin and living in your parents’ basement, conducting scientific research on magnets and cooking up meth, you don’t really need a resume.

Fyi…Siri, Suri, whatever the miniature chick who lives inside my iPhone goes by, calls me “Super Cock.” When that gets old I think I’ll be an astronaut and have her call me Buzz Aldrin.

How rad was Bon Iver’s Grammy speech? Saw em on SNL the other week too…I can’t be the only one who was surprised to see Wincy from Old School playing percussion.


That’s one talented dude right there. Lots of range.

Kick Rocks,