Here’s another quick thought…


How. In. The. Fuck. Did this guy get acting jobs after posting up, arguably, the weirdest, creepiest career defining performance OF ALL TIME?!

Can you imagine what life might be like for this dude? I can tell you this for sure; if today’s 20-something, asshole bar-types are like Uncle Mike and his buddies were (I’m sure they’re even worse…they have no sense of respect for those that came before, blazed the trails and set up the networks…like Black Flag did in the early 80’s but substitute dickeshness and tomfoolery for clubs open to Hardcore and Punk, travel routes, floors to sleep on in each city, etc. Black Flag’s lyrics were worse than handjobs from high school girls, their fans for the most part are morons and frankly they don’t get anywhere near enough credit….)

All the shitheads in those foundations for the underdrunken would badger this guy until last call to say shit like, “Oooooh wait…was she a great big fast person?” and “DON’T YOU HURT MY DOG!” in that who-the-fuck-knows-what-kind-of-accent, freaky voice he talked in.

I would bet money that at least once a month someone comes up to him at Target work their pants around their ankles and their tallywhacker tucked up into their ass, smiling, awaiting a nod of approval.

This one.


Anyway, just a thought. Thanks.

Tyler can kiss my black ass,

This is Mike Apathy signing out.

Shit that’s a stupid “thing” I do isn’t it. I’m the asshole that thanks its cool to end each post with a dumb hook-phrase to make it feel more life home here. What do I care? Tyler doesn’t do shit but try to get me to go to fucking Strung Out shows with him.

Hey, Tyler! When you have Mogwai, Baroness, Converge, or Barry Fucking Manilow tickets, hit me up. I’m there. Strung Out hasn’t put out a listenable record since Twisted By Design. Their singer is the kind of asshole that wears book bags with his copy of “On The Road” sticking out visible on purpose so he can appear cool at Peat’s Coffee (Fuck Starbucks, Man…they’re like to big man.)

Tyler. I didn’t intend for this. I did not start writing this knowing where I was headed, but I’m banning you from the Octopus Hamstring and all related Hamstring activities and privileges…except for the band. There ain’t no “I” in “Band” like there is in “WebsIte.”

I am not expecting a response via post for 2 reasons:

1. You never fucking post

2. You’re fucking banned

On this night, Tyler, it is YOU who is being signed off.

I swear that last joke wasn’t planned either. Anyway, noon at 1:00 works. Looking forward to it. Take care bud. Say hi to gf for me.

Also, I’m literally pinching off a dump right now while the CDO is watching Rain Man, so TS, you’re not getting a spellcheck. I don’t want to miss Ray Babbitt almost miss Wapner or shitty Wheel of Fortune.