Kid Krush & G-Wiz



In the late 90’s Mike and Tyler fancied themselves rappers. Drugs may have been involved. Actually…drugs WERE involved. Doesn’t make it any less badass though. Mike went by the moniker of G-Wiz and Tyler went by Kid Krush. We had a buddy named Jon Juan and a big drunken fucker called Grey Ghost, too. In later incarnations there was Novelty and Syntax…If you ask nicely I may be able to produce MP3’s.

This is my favorite verse from Kid Krush (that G-Wiz actually later used in a song after the Kid had exited the group).

This following is straight from the mind of 19 year old Tyler…

Kid Krush is back to show the sense you lack / you’ll know this right away because you’re under attack / with my verbal array/ ammunition I spray / intellectual rhymes be complex as they may / underground like C.H.U.D. (my favorite line) / on a diet for blood / leaving emcees speechless with my tracks in the mud / I pass though your mainframe / disconnect your brain / leave you breathless with no blood to your veins / my deadly rhymes contain / cyanide / like a Primatine blast that hits you right inside

Tyler will more than likely feel the need to retaliate to this post with an article on how juvenile, misogynistic and white my verses were, but I don’t care. My intention here was not to poke fun, but to memorialize, in a way, how fucking awesome I still think those days were. And furthermore, how I feel that the verse above, with the beat we put behind it, still sounds better than 90% of the crap on hip hop radio today.


For Kid Krush, Novelty, Syntax (who is actually really fucking talented, and continues to rock stages to this day), Jon Juan and the Grey Ghost,

This is G-Wiz signing off.