Shit My Patients Say

The best kind of humor is the kind that’s unintentionally morbid. While working with a geriatric patient who recently underwent neurosurgery, Kevin, a physical therapist and co-worker of mine asked the patient if he was having fun, to which the patient responded “about as much fun as when my sister drowned in chocolate”. This event may have served as a catalyst to what happened at lunch.

Spontaneous lunch break plank party. How behind are we on this whole planking thing and is it still cool?

November still sucks, but today almost didn’t.

On a different note, you should know that Mike Apathy recently purchased a very fancy denim jacket while celebrating his 1 year wedding anniversary in New Orleans. He’s already put pins on it. I hope at 30, I can be as cool as he is at 32.

For Mike and Kevin,