Make sure to ask me me who to bet your money on…



Cardinals and Rangers? No Rays or Brewers?

Fuck me. Totally should’ve listened to Stizzle and the Head when they told me not to bet on Tampa Bay at the beginning of the playoffs. And then again, when they said it would be a bad idea to go double-or-nothing on the Brewers to go all the way*.

*My bookie, Sal from Philly, is gonna be in for a surprise when he comes to collect and I’ve disappeared like Hoffa.

They'll never find me.

Mike Apathy’s a ghost….Going into full Kaiser Soze mode (the hiding part, not the badassery). From now on somebody named Miguel Apatio is taking my place….Hope Tyler’s cool with posts about Budweiser and El Nombre del Amore on Telemundo. “Ay dios mio!”

Seriously though…as much as it pains me to say…

Rangers in 6.

Lets take a look at TEX’s lineup:


Ian Kinsler

.255 32 77 .355 .477

Elvis Andrus

.279 5 60 .347 .361

Josh Hamilton

.298 25 94 .346 .536

Michael Young

.338 11 106 .380 .474

Adrian Beltre

.296 32 105 .331 .561

Mike Napoli

.320 30 75 .414 .631

Nelson Cruz

.263 29 87 .312 .509

David Murphy

.275 11 46 .328 .401

Endy Chavez 

.301 5 27 .323 .426

Yeah…..sorry Albert. Think of it this way. On the bright side, this will give you a great excuse for your impending move to Chicago next year.

Para Tyler un de los pinche Guardabosques,

Miguel Apatio