Snooch to the Nooch


If we’re able to transcend the fictional character of Silent Bob and examine the layers upon which he is built, you will indeed, at the core, I’m assuming, find an entity similar to that of myself. You see, Kevin Smith, of whom I am an unabashed fan, writes himself into his films the same way I write myself into this blog. Through Tyler I’ve been able to express a fraction of my own sentiment, and through Mike Apathy, well, I’ve been able to express another. You see, buddy, I trust in what you have to say. Your words convey with a heaviness so profound they floor me, and to be honest, I sometimes have no desire to get back up because there simply isn’t any more to be said. Consider yourself, Mike Apathy, the Jay to my Silent Bob. And consider The Octopus Hamstring our own little Quick Stop convenient store.

Tyler and Mike

Your brother in blog,