Weekend Links: Grantland Edition


I’ve written an awful lot these last couple days. I’m not complaining. Writing articles on, and watching October Baseball are two things I’m passionate about. Both are challenging and rewarding hobbies.

Doesn’t mean I’m not overwhelmed with feelings of dread when I start thinking about starting in on Part 4 of my 2011 MLB Season Wrap-Up series, though.

To hold us over I thought we could read a couple of pieces by real sportswriters…people who get paid for a living to do this, the real deal. If you read these articles, the divide in journalistic talent should be obvious to you. If you have any observations, or constructive criticism, I’d love to get some pointers.

The below links have been copied and pasted from Bill Simmons’ offshoot of ESPN.com, Grantland.com.

Rany Jazayerli previews the National League Division Series, including the Brewers, Diamondbacks, Phillies and Cardinals.

Jonah Keri breaks down the matchups in the American League Division Series, including the Yankees, Tigers, Rays and Rangers.

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