There goes the season. Fuck. At least we’re not Astros fans, eh? Meh.


This is going to be a quick one…just like my performance in bed most times I’m lucky enough to con the CDO into sex. I’m actually doing this post from my Blackberry, so
hopefully it turns out ok.

I’m upset right now. I got this sour feeling in my gut that just can’t be put into words.
It’s the same feeling Andy probably had ev
ery time he realized, fight or not, he’s getting fucked by Boggs and the “Sisters.” Whereas Bill Simmons typically references
Shawshank no more than once in an artice, I have no such reservations. My gut feels just like Norton’s must have when he realized that Andy escaped through his shit-tunnel.

I’m posting, verbatim, a chat via text message I had earlier this evening with a friend of the Hamstring called “Head.”

This is how I found out that the Angels failed to RSVP their seat at the big boys’ table this year. Thanks a lot Vernon Wells.

Head: It’s over Johnnie…yanks need to score 3 runs in 4 outs

Mike: Those assholes are losing on purpose, they don’t want anything to do with us in October. What do they care, they already wrapped up the East. Pussies.

H: Fuck it, as long as Boston loses. Go Tampa!

M: Hell yeah…although I’d love to see NY beat up the Sawx in the playoffs…remind them of what’s what.

H: No way. Boston not making the playoffs would be an epic fail!

H: Halos have a small shopping list this offseason. Should be in the mix next year.

M: Kendry back, hopefully @ 3rd, Trumbo starting @ 1st. Abreu’s prolly gone, so Wells can DH and make room for a Borjous, Trout & Hunter OF. Hopefully Conger too.

H: Add a legit leadoff hitter and a closer

M: The Sawx can’t afford Ellsbury with Crawfor sucking up all the $$$. I can dream…

H: They’ll keep him. I’m thinking sign Jose Reyes and then maybe trade Aybar for a closer or catcher.

M: The factory would recall Reyes the minute we signed him. He doesn’t come with a warranty either. We have a potential all-star catcher already and we have a good young closer who will have a year of experience next year. I do think that Aybar is the only expendable pos-player though, maybe we gamble on JR?

M: I’m posting out chat as a blog post on the Hamstring btw…I’ll fwd you the link when I’m done. Got anything more to add before I get started?

Funny. Head never responded. Probably cried himself to sleep on his huge pillow.

For Tyler, Head and the hope that next year the stars allign in the skies above Angel Stadium,

This is Mike Apathy signing off.