Weekend Music Recommendation: Trap Them Edition


I’ve been in a metal/hardcore mood as of late. Like anyone else, I go through cycles…actually I think my metal/hardcore cycle is starting to evole into a post-rock/instrumental cycle, as evidenced by my recent downloading of albums by Mogwai, later-era Neurosis and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

I do know one thing for sure though: I can’t fucking stand Title Fight.

No bullshit, Title Fight looks just like these tard-cowboys. Somewhat off topic here, but what's with the X's on the hands here? Does anyone else find it hilarious when kids who aren't 21 claim Straight Edge? I knew a guy in high school who got all these prominent sXe tattoos all over his body, then by senior year started smoking weed, sniffing coke, drinking, etc... Shortly thereafter he went on a mission to get them all covered up. Meh.

If they were ever even in my cycle, they’re out of it now. Tyler and I caught their set at FYF, and shit-balls were they horrible. Shitty sound? Check. Bad musicianship? Check. Lots of lame hardcore posing? Check. Seeing Title Fight play actually made Tyler and me happy that we got there too late to see Touche Amore, a band that was playing that I was really wanting to see. Touche played the same stage as Title Fight, in the time slot directly before them. Recently these two bands have toured together, with Touche Amore playing support. Being the cynics that we are, we figured it was better not to see them at all and still be able to appreciate their records than to see them live, they’re horrible, and ruin us on them forever. There’s always the chance that the kids in Title Fight (seriously, I do not mean kids in a “scene” way, but really…these assholes don’t look old enough to drive) infected Touche Amore with their stank in their cramped, ass-smelling tour van (which the guys in Touche probably drove, them being of age and all).

"Stop jumping off track and get back on topic, pendejo."

Jesus… Anywhoo, back to Trap Them. Yes. These guys fucking rock. Period. They put out a good chunk of their records on Jacob Bannon’s (Converge) record label, Deathwish Inc. Coincidentally, Touche Amore releases their albums through Deathwish Inc. too. Being the godfather of experimental hardcore that he is, it doesn’t surprise me that Bannon’s label has an eye for talent. The Converge connection wasn’t lost in their leaving the label either. Kurt Ballou (Converge multi-instrumentalist) has continued to produce/engineer for them and it shows.

I have most of Trap Them’s releases, and every one that I own is essential, but a great place to start might be Seance Prime. Start off with a 5-song EP, work your way up to the full-lengths.

Anyway, I’ve been really feeling these guys lately. If your musical mood lately has been aggressive and loud, than you can send me a thankyou card for this handoff later in the week.

Trap Them – Day Twenty: Flesh And Below (Seizures In Barren Praise)

Trap Them – Darker Handcraft (Darker Handcraft)

For Tyler, Trap Them and definitely not for those shits in Title Fight,

This is Mike Apathy signing off.