There is no “I” in team. “Oh yeah? Well there ain’t no ‘we’ either.”

What the shit, man?


I don’t need you to do like Magic in the ’79 NBA Finals. I don’t need you to put up 82. I’m not asking you for your Willis Reed moment.

Give me the ’91 Lakers. I’d even settle for the ’07 Warriors. Give me something man.

I feel like Kobe Bryant during the 2006 season. I can’t carry this team by myself, Tyler. I’m sick of racking up 45 point games for a team that isn’t serious about winning. It’s a little premature to start mentioning playoffs, but if we want to reach the promised land, I need you to start picking up some of the slack for me. You’re making me look like a ball-hog. Help me help you. Shit, back in ’67 Wilt led the league in assists after he got called out for scoring too much. I wanna be like Wilt. Help me. Help you.

See you at practice, Champ.

For Tyler,

This is Mike “White Mamba” Apathy signing off.