Friday Morning Music Post

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I’m feeling inspired by our friend girlinturrupted88 over @ Feel Good Playlists. I’ve decided to try something new on a weekly basis where I lay out a playlist, or a band that’s hitting me in the good spot at that moment, etc…

I had my iPod on shuffle this morning on the way into work and it landed on a song from Dinosaur Jr. off of their “Beyond” album.

A little history, if I may. This was kind of a comeback album for them. Dinosaur Jr.’s early records were fucking groundbreaking (classics like Bug and Green Mind). Since Beyond, the first album they released in ten years after their breakup in 1997 (my senior year in high school…maybe that’s why I was so depressed at 17), was the one that hit me this morning, that’s the one I’m recommending today.

***On a side note (more history)…nobody ever really expected this band to reunite. They literally fucking hated each other. J. Masics was such a control freak asshole, it’s no wonder Lou Barlow told him to go fuck himself, and then went on to form Sebadoh (another highly influential indie band in their own right…but this goddamned article isn’t about Sebadoh, so I digress…)

I always got the impression that D-Jr. was a band that was “OK” for metal kids to like because J. Mascis was/IS such a rad guitar player. At the same time, obviously the indie/punk rock set was into them because of their original DIY ethic (it doesn’t get much more DIY than SST unless you play the Dischord! card), abstract/sometimes bleak lyrics and overall creativity.

C’mon, Mike…back on track…

I immediately switched my iPod from shuffle onto that record. In an instant, I was glad that I did. You know that feeling when just the right song comes on at just the right time? Boom. Got it.

My favorite track off of Beyond is “Pick Me Up.” The whole album is great, but for me, this is the one that just “did it” for me.


Dinosaur Jr. – Pick Me Up (Beyond)

Wishing you all a rad weekend, and in the words of Mother Theresa, “Make money, fuck bitches.”

For Tyler, this is Mike Apathy signing out.