I sure as hell ain’t getting any younger…

Tyler (and Friends),

Yep. I’m officially calling you out. The gloves are off.

Pretty soon the loyal readers of the Hamstring are going to start believing that this “Tyler” person is a manifestation of my paranoid/self-involved/contradictory alter-ego.

Please dont make me come off as any more nuts than I already am. I beg this of you (ooooh, or am I really begging myself?).

The guantlet is officially thrown down. I feel as if you’re underrepresenting yourself here on the site that was your idea to begin with. I know you’re a busy man, and I can respect that. But lets get a move-on, Getty up!

Bring it, Baby.

(it’s already been brought’n),

For you, Tyler (or maybe my schizophrenic self), this is Mike Apathy signing off……for now.