Monthly Archive: July, 2011

A letter to Tyler:


                    Friends, Wow…so much has happened since my last post. Apparently Tyler thought it amusing to share the “Upper Decker” story. As I read… Continue reading

Google Search: “Picture of what?!?!?!”


Dear Hamstring, So, today I was happy to learn that some person, most likely a man, stumbled across our site after searching Google for “picture of the best tight ever vagina”. I’m going… Continue reading

A Brief History of Mike


Dear Hamstring, I really don’t know if this story is an appropriate follow-up to Mike’s Stephen Hawking piece, but I also don’t care enough to make it an issue. Reading that last post… Continue reading

Steven Hawking is a fucking amateur.


Friends, As many of my close friends and family would tell you, I obsess over the idea of time travel. This is obviously nothing new in our fairly short history as evolved and… Continue reading

Friday Morning Music Post


 Friends, I’m feeling inspired by our friend girlinturrupted88 over @ Feel Good Playlists. I’ve decided to try something new on a weekly basis where I lay out a playlist, or a band that’s… Continue reading

Update: The Lost Boys Article “Part 2”


Friends, Stizzle and I will be sitting down this weekend to watch The Lost Boys. As promised, I will be keeping a running diary of his reactions to the movie while it plays… Continue reading

It’s your conscious calling, Mike.


Mike, Holy fuck, man. You’re posting pictures of eggplants that look like penises while expecting me to deliver like Ali in the Philippines. I’m slightly befuddled here, and don’t get me wrong, Mike,… Continue reading

Tuesday Morning Dick Sketches


  Friends, My inner 16-year old is absolutely loving these right now. I think this also serves as a reminder that the Hamstring is not above, in any way, lowbrow humor. Don’t let… Continue reading

I sure as hell ain’t getting any younger…


Tyler (and Friends), Yep. I’m officially calling you out. The gloves are off. Pretty soon the loyal readers of the Hamstring are going to start believing that this “Tyler” person is a manifestation… Continue reading

Putting “The Lost Boys” into a historical perspective. “Part 1”


Friends, We all know that vampires are the new black, right? Twilight movies, True Blood, a remake in the works of Fright Night (the original was such a fantastic film for its time, and… Continue reading

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